We are seniors whose commitment to justice is rooted in our faith and values. We began meeting virtually on a monthly basis. We wanted to stay connected, to reflect on the directions of our lives, and to encourage each other in our various efforts for justice.  We enjoyed seeing and hearing each other on  GoToMeeting calls. We enjoyed our conversations so much that we decide to convene a retreat of people with whom we have shared interests and values, who are dear to our hearts and for whom we have great respect. This was our convening statement.

The retreat was everything we hoped it would be. We enjoyed the gift extended time with interesting, courageous people whose friendship and collegiality have been critical to our life journeys.  We listened to each other’s stories. We reflected on the meaning living at this stage of our lives amidst deeply troubling realities in our nation and world. There was time to encourage each other in our current engagements for justice. We took time to discern whether and how God might be calling us into a communal effort. There came a moment when we each had to decide whether we wanted to be part of such a communal effort.

One by one we took the microphone to say: “I’m in!”

It was more than a moment! We think we may be participating in the birth of a national movement of elders who will utilize relational organizing and social media tools in the ongoing struggle for justice. We are inviting people  50 plus to join us. We want make a difference for our children, grandchildren and nieces and nephews. We are just beginning to define what “Just Elders” can become.

Just Elders is an emerging, independent movement that has no ties to any organizing network.