If life is a play and we are all actors, then the curtain rose on Just Elders a little more than two years ago.

In Act I we learned that it is good for Elders who care about Justice to be together. Sharing stories about our present actions, future plans and past learning is helpful and often inspiring!  We don’t want to give this up.

We thought we were making progress acting for justice and building the common good. The progress we made is slipping away. We are in a struggle to preserve what we have built. Our anger has turned to determination! We want our children and grandchildren enjoy the blessings of liberty.

In Act I we made our voices heard with our members of congress, in person and through the social media. In our 10×10 campaign we asked our children and grandchildren to register and vote. THEY TURNED OUT and with the votes of millions of others, the House of Representatives now can exercise oversight over the executive branch.

In Act II We hope that the house will act with the Senate in a bi-partisan way to govern for the common good. We believe that the way forward is through informed civic participation. In our new We The People Campaign, we will make sure that our Members of Congress know that we will vote for people to enact laws reflecting the will of the American People. As 2020 approaches we will once again invite our children and grand children to turn out the vote. Their future and the future of our world depends on this.

So in Act II, elders who care about justice will share their stories regularly to support and encourage one another. We will keep congress on their toes through our We the People Campaign. We will work to for the largest voter turnout in the history of our Republic.