Listening Campaign

Listening is the birthplace of good relationships, wisdom, living and of good organizing.

Leaders of  faith communities know our best work begins with listening for what is crying out for repair.

Our listening campaigns have driven the issue campaigns that win issues that change peoples lives for the better.


We want to know how Just Elders, people who age 50 plus see the world around them. What needs repair?

We are asking JUST ELDERS to name
the dangerous realities they believe are destroying the common good.

We will discover ways to act together to bend of the arc of history toward justice for all.

This action is rooted in what we know about what is happening in our world. In short in means naming our what needs repair and what may be making us angry.

Please CLICK HERE TO begin by naming what concerns, worries you and needs to be repaired!

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This is the first step toward actions that will help us build a more perfect union.