Organizing Library Contributor

How to contribute to the Just Elders Organizing Library.

Here is a very simple solution:

Any material you want to add to this library should first be posted as a blog. The blogging team can comment on the contribution and the contributor can decide whether or not to respond to the comment by changing the post. As time goes on we can move the post to a webpage for organization as a library. An organizing category  has been created to keep all the contributions will be in the same folder.

How to become a contributor:

It is also very simple. Send an email to introducing your self the roles your have played and a list of the organizations where you worked. You will be contacted by an Organizing Library Contributor. When you are ready to begin you will receive the appropriate credentials to enter the blogsite.

This is the process:

Go to this link:

In the login box:Enter your Username:
Enter your Password:

You could start blogging right away by clicking +New/post. But if you did not change your password, please do it now.

In the black column click “Profile”
At the bottom of your profile click, Generate Password.
Please enter a new stronger password. The program will tell you if your password is strong. Some combination of upper case, lower case, numbers, and special characters will get you there.
You do not have do anything else with your profile.

As long as you have a username and a password you are good to go.

Click update

The Dashboard should appear.

Click + New /post
Name your blog.

You can create original material right on Word Press. If you are starting with material you have already written, it may be a good idea to save your article in rich tech format. There is a icon, paste in plain text. You may want to explore first by pasting one paragraph.

DON’T WORRY ABOUT FORMATTING except for paragraph breaks… word press will do the formatting for you.

You can see how your blog will look before it is published by click on preview. You may want to create some headings for parts of your blog.

If you need a break, click on update to save you work

Just before you click on publish check the Organizing library category.

When your blog is published. You and your readers will be able to share what you have written using the social media links on the left hand side of the screen.

The Future:

We will continue the conversation about where the content should finally end up after we have some content. Wikipedia may find the language of organizing out side encyclopedia rules! Maybe we will make our own wiki… or we may decide to create an online organizing school where this library will be the center of everything! It is not many steps from blog to e-book. Many businesses and organization are giving away e-books.

Just Elder organizers we are inviting you to adventure!