An Invitation


We hope that you had a relaxing and reflective Labor Day. We need a new American narrative. Among other things, such a narrative needs to include a clear vision about how people will be able to labor in the 21st Century. The narrative we seek is one that tells a new story of significant change for all people. For over a year now we have been part of a group of people wondering how the narrative would change if the voices of elders were heard in a more focused way. We are still praying and working for justice in many ways. We are asking people (50 years of age and wiser) to join us in a year of discernment. We are trying to hear a Just Elders narrative by creating local and virtual chapters of Just Elders where people share their stories, their wisdom, their vision and where they can inspire one another to join in significant action. We have been discovering that gathering old friends and new friends together is very enjoyable.

We are inviting you to gather with us on a GoToMeeting Call

Sunday, September 10
The time is 4 p.m CST.
We will end at 5:30 at the latest!

(We are trying a time we think might work, after the afternoon nap, but before supper!)

We have been using a private Facebook group ( to contact people.
Three have said they will be in on the call.  We hope you will join us.

We think the worst that can happen is that we will connect with some of our friends.
The best that can happen is that we decide to explore becoming a cloud chapter of Just Elders.

This is the call-in information

Please join our meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
Most of the people on our list have some experience with software like GoToMeeting.
The devices  we use have video cameras and microphones built in and the software will set up your device to use them in our call.

We recommend trying a First GoToMeeting test session before the call if you have not done this before or need a refresher course.
There is no cost to you for using this software, but there could minute or data charges depending on your phone/internet service .

Click this link: First GoToMeeting? Try a test session:

Next Sunday use the link below to join the call.

We will start the meeting at 3:45 p.m.

You can also dial in using your phone.

United States: +1 (872) 240-3412
Access Code: 243-234-493

You have been invited to this gathering because you share in some way a relationship to town and country. We believe people who live on either side of the city limit fault line need to understand each other and find solutions together. Perhaps if you find this conversation useful, we will move on to how we can organize on this faultline. For now it will be enough to enjoy one another.

Here is the agenda for a structured conversation:

Round one: Self introductions: Name, where you live, your profession.
Round two: What do you enjoy most about this time of your life?
Round three: What is surprising you the most about this time of your life?
Round four: What are you doing that you hope might make a difference?
Round five: Questions about anything to anyone.
Don: Goals and Possibilities for Just Elders.
One word evaluation from each person.
Three months from now? Sooner?

We know some of you may be interested but not available for this call.  That is the way it is with 50 and wiser people; they are very busy. We will keep you on the list for the next call and provide a way for you to remove yourself from the list if you are not interested.

Don & Julie Burton

Just Elders is an emerging, independent, faith and values based movement that has no ties to any organizing network or particular religious community.

This is the story of our early beginnings.

This is a link to our first newsletter.