Edit and Print 10×10 Documents

In the fourth column of the 10×10 form are a number of documents.
• What is the 10×10 Campaign?
• Business Card Front
• Business Card Back
• Postcard
• Flyer

From <https://justelders.org/10×10/>

These are Microsoft WORD documents. Click the link and they download to your computer. Enable editing and your can edit and print these documents. You may wish to personalize them by changing your contact information.

You will use the group and align commands to edit and print these cards. It might be good to review how these commands work if you do not use them regularly.

If your picture is on one of the sample cards and you like it, do this:
1. delete all the other cards
2. Edit your contact information
3. Click on the card and copy.
4. Paste five more copies to the white space.
5. Hold down the shift key and click on all the cards
6. Align these cards left.
7. Now past 6 copies of the card into the white space.
8. Hold down the shift key and click on all the cards.
9. Align these cards right.
10. Carefully move this set of cards to the center of the sheet.
11. Click outside the white space.
12. Hold the shift key and click of the two cards in the first row
13. Align top
14. Do this for each row.
15. When your are done, make sure the left card is located on the center line.
16. Then click each of the cards in the right column again and align left
17. Save your work.
18. You should be able to print as may cards as you want using standard pre-perforated business cards.

If you want to change the picture:

1. Delete all cards except the one you want to use as a model.
2. Edit your contact information
3. Ungroup the card.
4. Click on the white space.
5. Click on the card once.
6. Slide it to the right to expose the picture below
7. Click on the white space.
8. Click on the picture.
9. Delete the picture.
10. Insert a new picture.
11. Use the picture tools to resize and crop the picture to the same size as the personal info layer.
12. When you are done hold down the shift key and select both layers.
13. Align top
14. Align center
15. Group
16. Begin at step 4 above.