Just Elders love gathering together.


By the time we are fifty, we have found affinity with many people, causes, and hopes.

Just Elders began as an affinity group when two retired former partners in organizing wanted to catch-up with one another.  Building and maintaining relationships is at the heart of organizing as we have practiced it. Being able to hear each others stories and to support one another is relationship sustaining activity.

We believe that the members of Just Elders can connect in several ways:

By creating local chapters where people can connect face to face and by creating virtual chapters where people connect using  social media like GoToMeeting. We know that discussing anything face to face is good. We have learned that we have two ways to do this by getting people together in the same room or by getting people together using digital tools

 How to create a local chapter.
How to create a cloud chapter.

Chapters members determine their own destiny. We hope that whatever they choose to do brings enjoyment and meaning to their journey.