Create a Cloud Chapter

Who do you want to gather  at

People who shared an organizing campaign with you? People in your home town? People who share interest in an issue? People you are mentoring in the art of organizing? People who could help you strategize? There are many possibilities!

Good things happen we are together, face to face or in the cloud!

We know we can meet in the cloud using GoToMeeting. We can do one on ones, strategizing, and training. We can record whatever we are doing to be used by others. If you do a good job… why reinvent the wheel?

These are the steps to gather using GoToMeeting technology:

  1. create a email group of faith and values based organizing friends
  2. Ask to help you set up a GoToMeeting session (you will receive a meeting invitation via return email)
  3. Email the meeting invitation to your invitees
  4. Start the meeting
  5. enjoy the conversation

Please help us create a national brand for Just Elders by following these conventions:

  • “Just Elders – Chicago (your city name).”
  • If multiple chapters are being organized, please add a second geographic location, i.e. “Just Elders -Chicago/Pilsen” “Just Elders – Chicago/Southside,” etc.
  • If are organizing a cloud chapter and it is non-geographical, please identify it by the function, i.e. “Just Elders – Mass Incarceration,” “Just Elders – Organizing Library.”

Careful branding will make us powerful. We want all aspects of our work to be found when someone searches for “Just Elders” on google or another search engine.