The central thesis of the “We the People” campaign is that the failure of the congress to act year after year on key issues is endangering¬† our democracy and endangering human progress. Here is our key issue list: environment, economy, education, healthcare, safety, incarceration, immigration, voting.

Two issues cut across and through each of these: RACE and INEQUALITY. So many people feel like they are marching in place. That is not the promise of liberty.

The American people deserve GOVERNANCE not GRIDLOCK!

When trying to understand one of these issues, in is not long before you must include another issue if there is to be a solution. Each of these issues is connected to income inequality and race. If the quest for a more perfect union is to lead to the “Beloved Community” we must elect a congress that governs by addressing all of these issues.

The American People deserve NEW LEGISLATION not NAME CALLING!

We need your help. We need a wide-ranging discussion of these issues. 

We have created a web page for each issue. What you find there is our contribution to the beginning of this discussions. At the bottom of each of these pages is a link to a blog where you can leaves your comments, suggestions or arguments for something different. There is a comment section at the end of each blog.