Just Elders10X10 campaign

Just Elders 10×10 Campaign

We are people who are at least 50 years old, seasoned in the struggle for social justice, and who work together resisting dangerous political threats and building the Beloved Community.

We seek democracy that invites all to participate. We seek immigration reform, a healthy environment, an economy that benefits everyone and a fair criminal justice system.

We are presented with an opportunity in the upcoming midterm Congressional elections. We are initiating the Just Elders 10×10 Campaign. We are inviting 1,000 people, who share our concerns, to invite 10 of their children, grandchildren, friends, neighbors and extended family to join. Those who accept our invitation will commit to turnout 10 voters to the polls on November 6th. Each leader team will bring a total of 100 voters to the polls.

Can you be one of the 1,000?

Here is how it works:

1. Go to  www.justelders/vote/ and register as one of the 1,000 “10×10 Leaders”.

2. Reach out and recruit 10 people. Use your phone, email, Facebook, Twitter, face-to-face conversations or whatever communication comes natural to you. Talk to them about your values and about their values and ask them to be part of this campaign by bringing ten voters to the polls.

3.  Explain the plan, invite them into our campaign and then ask them each to register by going to justelders.org/vote/. They will register as one of your team members.

This has to be done immediately! We have 85 days. Begin with those who already love, respect and take you seriously. And, of course, don’t forget your more extended family, friends and neighbors. This is a great opportunity for cross generational connections with grandchildren, nieces/nephews, former students, scouts and other young people.

We will provide you the tools necessary to succeed and they will include:

• Weekly activities that you can use to promote this campaign.
• Two short virtual training sessions to help you turnout your 10 leaders
• Ways to your stories at www.justelders.org, Twitter, Facebook and emails, sharing our successes, great experiences and challenges.