Just Elders are people who want to live the last half of our lives the way we learned to live in the first half.

We discovered how to act together by listening to each other until we found common issues.
Just Elders want to listen and to be listened to because we know that is the root of significant change .

We live at a time when many people are clamoring to be heard. We want to be heard by our government.

There is no correlation between what the American People seem to want and what our government does.

68% of Americans want to fix the affordable care Act rather than repealing it. That is not the focus of our congress.

64 percent of Americans worry about global warming but this concern is not reflected in the laws enacted by our congress.

54% to 83% the American People support a ban on assault-style weapons and high-capacity ammunition clips, a federal gun sale data base,
no gun purchase if on no-fly or watch lists, no gun purchase for people with mental illness, background checks for private sales and gun shows.
That is not reflected in the laws enacted by our congress!

Just elders is a community that listens and is determined to be heard.

We have practiced hearing the “the Word of the Lord” (Jeremiah 31:10) in an interfaith community.

Our work for justice continues to be shaped by our faith and values.