Why I am voting…and asking my children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews to join me.

Leading Christian congregations was my life work. All of my grandchildren were born before my public ministry ended. Most of them were too young to remember my ministry. They do not remember that I urged people to take advantage of a great American privilege of voting from the pulpit.

Christians in America are called to take care of the gift of democracy. This is done by carefully cast votes. These days I am reminding my children about this anyway I can!

In those days I believed we got the government our voting deserved! But now, I no longer believe that!  “Elections don’t change things for the better!” Our votes do not control the government! The list of problems, 50 to 90% of registered voters want solved, go unsolved, year after year. That angers me.  We don’t deserve this!

The way to a government that works for all is still the carefully cast vote.

I belong to a group called Just Elders. We are convinced that our vote and the votes of our families,  children, grandchildren and friends will be crucial this November 6th. If we want a government that works, we all must vote. That is why we created the 10×10 campaign to bring people to the polls. We are lending our voices to many others working to get out the vote.

Here is the link: www.justelders.org/10×10

Here what you can do there:

  1. tell us you will be voting by joining my team (Grandpa Don)
  2. tell us that you will getting your family and friends to vote by creating your own team
  3. Check your voting registration status
  4. donate if you want (your gift is not deductible – we are still deciding who we are!)
  5. get more information about 10×10

Let’s keep voting until we have elected a government that works for all of us.



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