The Power of One and organizing people and money utilizing the cloud!

Just Elders collaborate in the cloud for justice. Our values and organizing experience give us a vision of justice that can drive our actions. Some of us are early adopters; others not so much. We need to find a common place in the in the cloud to collaborate.

The cloud is software and services that run on the Internet instead of our computers hard drive. Software like Microsoft Office and google docs runs off the cloud. You can put all your stuff in the cloud – your pictures, the manuscript of your next book, the presentation you and your team are developing. As long as you are connected to the internet you can access your stuff from any computer, smartphone, or tablet anywhere. Anyone with a smart phone can perform almost any task accessing a toolbox that is constantly being updated. That may be important for an organizer who needs to travel light.

At our retreat when we started to explore how social media could be utilized with faith based organizing, we used this video done for us by Dr. Dana Rovang. She would have made it longer, but Jake thought it made his point just as it was. Dana called her video, “To the Power of One.”


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