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More than a Moment!
Just after three o’clock in the afternoon of April 26th, the nearly 40 persons gathered for the “Just Elders” retreat.Stepped to the microphone to declare, “I am in.”

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Where Just Elders tell their stories, report their actions, andcall others to act for justice and the common good.

Racine Just Elders

YOU ARE INVITED TO THE CONTINUATION OF AN EXPLORATION OF JUST ELDERS FOR RACINE…. TIME Thursday, January 18 at 2:30 p.m. Just after the afternoon nap!   THE PLACE  “The Harbor at Sta… January 16, 2018Rev. Don Burton Racine,Uncategorized Read More

The Last Straw Rally – a preliminary report

A number of Just Elders conveners decided to respond to the GOP “Tax Cut and Jobs Act” with a Rally at the Racine Office of Paul Ryan, speaker of the House. The conveners were at various s… November 28, 2017Rev. Don Burton Actions,Chapters,Chicago,Milwaukee,Racine,Uncategorized Read More

A Family Journey and Health Care

There are all kinds of stories about the need for tax reform. Here are is my family’s story. Just Elders, please blog your story. If you need permissions, request them at info@justelders.org I a… November 21, 2017Rev. Don Burton Uncategorized Read More


GOP “TAX CUT AND JOBS” BILL IS LAST STRAW!   Just Elders is an emerging national movement of people over fifty outraged by the failure of those we elect to deliver policies that affir… November 20, 2017Rev. Don Burton Uncategorized Read More

Broken Truth, Corporatism Triumph and the DJIA

Being older means that we have seen a thing or two! Growing up, a person’s word meant something. It was true. It was a pledge of performance. Parents and Elders taught their children to tell the… November 1, 2017Rev. Don Burton Uncategorized Read More

DACA Facts….

To all of us JUST ELDERS : (those over 50 years old disgusted with the politics of divisiveness and hatred and who want to do something to create some real democracy) as well as all my friends and col… September 20, 2017Mary Gonzales Uncategorized Read More

Just Elders
Collaborating in the Cloud for Justice

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What We Are About
“We are seniors whose commitment to justice is rooted in our faith and values.“

Why We Are Here

For the past year or so, a group of us has been meeting virtually on a monthly basis to stay connected, to reflect on the directions of our lives, and to encourage each other in our various efforts for justice.  Last month, we met face-to-face for a day and decided to convene a retreat of people with whom we have shared interests and values, who are dear to our hearts and for whom we have great respect.

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Convening Statement

We envision a national, multi-racial, multi-cultural, faith and value-based movement of seniors (age 50 and above) who are alarmed at the conditions and directions of the United States as evidenced in the recent presidential election and who want to be in community with each other while resisting dangerous political realities and working for a more just society.

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