We WERE part of an Historic Effort that turned out the vote….

The voices of Just Elders made a difference in an historic election that ended one party rule in the Federal Government.

Our thanks to Just Elders who cajoled their grandchildren and nieces and nephews to turn out the vote. Their presence made a difference in many elections.

Our thanks to Just Elders who told their stories in their one on ones and at www.justelders.org or on Facebook and Twitter.

Our thanks to those who knocked on doors and spent days on phone banks to make a difference.

Civic Participation will require much of us in the years ahead. We have to keep turning out the vote until we have a government that responds to our needs and carries out the will of the electorate. That is not happening today. The list of legislation supported by 50-90% of eligible voters grows each year. Those want the privilege of representing us must prove that they are enacting the Agenda of the American majority or face being turned out of office.

We need legislation that provides:

  • healthcare for all Americans
  • an economy that befits all
  • immigration reform that make America safe for dreamers and other immigrants
  • sensible gun control that makes it possible for our children to go to schools, play and sleep safely in our gun riddled cities
  • renewed efforts to secure our environment for our children and our children’s children.

This legislative agenda corresponds with the agenda outlined by the Just Elders Steering committee when it launched the 10 x 10 Campaign.

This legislative agenda takes precedence over any investigations that may be launched into the current administration. To be sure, there must be sober and careful investigation leading to justice for the American people in cases where the privileges of government office is being used for personal gain at the expense of the American taxpayer, but we did not work so hard to trade one clown act for another.

Returning the House of Representatives to the people gives us a chance to restore the rule of law, expose the racism hidden in so many of state election laws, and strive once again for the Unity and Justice of the Beloved Community.

There is much to be done by citizens if decency is to be restored to our government and our institution.

As soon as you can let your newly elected members of congress know that you are expecting progress on the agenda of the American People.

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